Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AI-AP the BIG TALK and video featuring ME

This week is Illustration Week in NYC and as part of it AI-AP sponsored "The BIG TALK" with discussions about illustration and photography with art directors and with the jurors who picked the images for this years annual. The panel in the top photo is Whitney Johnson/NYTimes, Casey Tierney/Real Simple, Jody Quon/New York Magazine, Jordan Awan/NYorker, Jennifer Daniel/NYTimes, Chad Beckerman/Abrams Publishing and Alexandra Zsigmond/NYTimes. As a part of "The Big Talk" they showed a video of the weekend I spent with other artists creating one of a kind book covers with our own artwork on them. My face flashed on the screen a coupla times, but I was able to get a crappy photo of my hand painting on one of the book covers. (I put in a inset photo of the actual cover I was painting at the time) And if you squint really hard you can see my name on the end credits as well.


sue said...

I saw it. You are now truly famous. Way to go. Nice artwork.

Anonymous said...

So cool. Rock on lol sis!