Thursday, August 22, 2013

Michael Bloomberg filter fun


I did this drawing way back when in 2001, after Michael Bloomberg was first elected. I was more interested in his neck flaps than in him as a candidate. After I scanned the original, I went ahead and applied some Photoshop filters and was happy with some of the results. I should do some more mayoral portraits with neck flaps now that Bloomberg is leaving office.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Submission for NoMAA

Being a somewhat recently new resident of Upper Manhattan, I happened to find NoMAA, or Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance. They had a call for submissions from artists living "river to river above 155th Street" Since I qualify, I thought I would submit some art that had to do with some of the other residents of the neighborhood. The first being Margaret Corbin, who has an amazing story of defending New York in the revolutionary war up at Fort Tryon, roughly around 202nd Street. And the next is a painting from a photograph I took out my window of a red tailed hawk perching on a fire escape in the rain. Washington Heights is known for it's influx of immigrants, glad to see the red-tailed hawk on that list.