Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge group art show this Friday

I am going to be in a group show this coming Friday, May 24th, at my friend Adam's studio. He hosts an art show each year to celebrate the anniversary of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. This year, he had each artist use some surplus paint, or "chocolate gold,"actually used on the bridge a few years back. Each piece has to be about the Brooklyn Bridge, so I chose to make 2 panels that may have looked like they were once a part of the bridge, with a design etched into each one. The third is a painting of the "sandhogs" who were the immigrant labor force that helped build the bridge. Should be a great show as there is lots of press about it, like here, here and here.


lisa said...

Are those pieces for sale at or after the show? Interested buyer wants to know.

Jennifer Steffey said...

Yes they are for sale! Show comes down on June 30th.