Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arabic script engraved in a knife blade

In this illustration I had to draw out the fine engravings on a knife from Egypt. The script engravings on the knife are more doodling than actual text, but still resemble Arabic writing. The larger lettering near the handle is legible script.


Sage said...

Jennifer I have a knife like the one you have sketched. The blade is is about eight inches maybe nine hand forged with incredible script. The handle is wood hand carved and roughly six and a half inches at length. The case or sheath is also wood hand made with brass rings along it. The knife was given to me by my uncle who had the knife given to him by his uncle who received it from a man in Egypt for helping him in a dire situation. I have attempted to find a knife that resembles mine for a long time, I've also tried to have it translated. I am not familiar with Arabic or Egyptian script, maybe you can have a look if I take some pics of my knife. I am Canadian by birth Welsh/Irish by heritage and have taught myself Latin, French,some Gaelic, and have currently set my sites on learning the Hebrew language and script (very hard). I can read and write in Enochian but the spoken word is tough. I am English by birth. If you can help my email address is, Cain.edmunds@gmail.com
My deepest thanks in advance,
Jaecen C. Edmunds,

Sage said...

Jennifer I have a better idea, I will post a picture of my knife on my blog the arcane journal. It is a new blog and I have yet to ever post anything. My first post will be a picture of this knife. Please reply you have my email address name ect..